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Client Success

Learn about the positive experiences and successful outcomes our clients have gleaned by using WOKEN.

Indeed helps people “get jobs,” we help you get the right job.

Learn how we helped Holly to be proactive, structured, and deliberate in understanding her transferrable skills, confidently deciding on which career direction felt most compatible, and successfully pivoting into that path.

After WOKEN, clients have found success at these companies

Before Woken

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We hear people often say, "where do I start?" or "I fell into this career path instead of choosing a path intentionally" or "money isn't enough anymore, I need to find fulfillment at work" and much more.

After Woken

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We are here to help you expedite your years of frustration, time-block your uncertainty, and take control of clarifying your best fit path before jumping into any job search.



On average, we help clients
reduce the number of roles and industries they’re considering pursuing by 86%



On average, our clients
see an increase of feeling
certain in how to approach
the career process by 60%



On average, our clients see an increase of clarity on their ideal career path by 40%

Most Asked Questions About Our Clients

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What ages and levels of professionals have you coached?

We've coached a wide range of people, spanning from 20-70 years old. We have coached people at all professional levels including C-Suite, President, Principal, VP, Director, Officer, Manager, Consultant, Assistant, Entry-Level, and Interns.

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Where were your clients located?

WOKEN has coached clients across:




US States


International Countries

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What is the working status of your clients?

We have coached people who are in a variety of stages, including working full-time or part-time (at all stages of their career), unemployed, starting a business, as well as both graduate and undergraduate students.

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Where did they work before WOKEN?

People come to us from a wide breadth of roles and industries. Our processes are built on the foundation of how to achieve career clarity and land a fitting role, no matter what background you’re coming from.

Here are just a few examples of roles our clients were in when they came to us: Accountant, CMO, Insurance Agent, Customer Service, Product Development, Engineer, Executive Assistant, Fitness Studio Manager, Geopolitical Consultant, Guidance Counselor, HR Manager, Internal Auditor, Investment Banking Associate, IT Support Analyst, Recruiter, Nurse, Project Management, Real Estate Consultant, Retail Associate, Social Media Creator, Social Worker, Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher, Video Producer, Stage Manager, Literary Agent, and many more.

Client Stories

"Just following up after our call. Thanks again! I really got a great boost. I went from feeling like a zero percent, a negative zero actually, to feeling like a 90% after this call with you, my career coach. Your support and guidance is really helping propel me through this difficult career transition. Change is scary, but it's starting to not be so scary the more that I work with you and the platform. Thank you so much!"


"I just want some certainty and rationality. I feel your plan is more strategic than mine was."


"I learned what direction I’m meant to go in, I know what field I want to go in now and it’s super relieving, I can’t wait to finish the process!"

Zach K.

"I keep being so hard on myself to know what I want to do right now but I like that this platform encourages me to take my time and doesn't push for me to have a definitive answer right away."

Rachel H.

"I like how WOKEN is keeping me organized."

Justyna S.

"Working with my career coach has been life-changing. She has pushed me to better my strategy and mindset giving me the guidance to pursue the results and outcomes I seek. Regardless of the issue, my career coach has helped me look at it from both a high and low-level perspective in order to determine the actions I need to execute and not only focuses on the bottom line but approaches the coaching journey with a focus on all aspects of life. Thank you my career coach for your continued support and commitment."

Velizar, RIT

"The guidance that you built into this tool has been super helpful-- thank you for creating this!"

Christina H.

"I could write a novel expressing my gratitude, what I've gained from your insight and this experience overall."


"The well-organized platform was particularly helpful during the career exploration and networking phases. As the job search progressed, biweekly coaching calls were incredibly useful in helping prepare for interviews. On the platform, I particularly liked the prompts to prepare for networking calls."

Elaine Y.

"I've made changes at my current job, and am working to make a move to a new industry when the time is right. I feel reinvigorated, and I really don't think I could have gotten to where I am now without the support and guidance that I got from working with my career coach. While I will say, the work has to come from the individual. No one will do any of these things for you. Working with my career coach gave me the confidence to reach out and talk to strangers. It facilitated my journey of finding what I need to be doing with my career, and I couldn't be more grateful."