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All of our plans include comprehensive digital tools to inform your process, plus a career coach reviewing your work and supporting you every step of the way in your career exploration and job search journey

What’s included in our plans?

WOKEN Interests Assessment (80+ Questions)

A unique, open-ended career exploration assessment to reflect and translate your interests into roles and industries

WOKEN Career Explorer Platform

A facilitated career exploration process including assessment, online research, exploratory networking, experiential learning, reflection, and more

WOKEN Job Seeker Platform

A comprehensive job search process including professional summary crafting, resume & cover letter editing, mock interview, and job search & networking strategy

A Job You Actually Like
Career Guide

250-page hardcopy book to guide you through every career step, i.e. career exploration, career pivoting, and effective job searching

Customized Accountability System

Set goals and get proactive mid-week coach check ins and reminders to keep you on track and push you forward

Unlimited Text Check-ins with Your Coach

Send a text/email to your coach with questions at any time to ensure you feel clear, ready, and unblocked in between career coaching sessions

Choose your support

More coaching means you can move faster, stay accountable and motivated to your goals, and customize the process to fit your needs.

* To choose your plan, check out our website on desktop

Basic Exploration

All the features above

One 30-minute coaching call per month

$ 69/month

Exploration Plus

All the features above

One 30-minute coaching call per month

One 60-minute group coaching call per month

$ 119/month

Focused Coaching

All the features above

Two 30-minute coaching calls per month

One 60-minute group coaching call per month


Enhanced Coaching

All the features above

Weekly 30-minute coaching calls

One 60-minute group coaching call per month

$ 269/month

Holistic Coaching

All the features above

Weekly 60-minute coaching calls

One 60-minute group coaching call per month


Go at your own pace, cancel anytime

What do our clients say?

It does feel good to be able to proactively tackle and work through a series of processes that will get me closer to my goal. I actually feel like I am taking action, rather than idly (and pessimistically) wondering about my future.

- Eric

My coach has been the best support system throughout this journey, literally working with me every step of the way. She has been the best sounding board, editor and guidance coach! Thank you for pushing me when I was doubting myself and for always keeping it real.

- Ali

I knew I wanted a change, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t know what I was good at anymore or what made me happy. I needed to re-find my passion. My coach has been an amazing guide. Her flexibility, yet unwavering encouragement challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and into my pathfinding zone.

- Alanna

Still not sure?

Career Guide

Grab a hard-copy of our 250-page book to guide you through the full career exploration and job search process

$ 15

Resume Edit

Refresh your resume with a unique professional summary framework and implementation of best practices.

$ 49

Interests Assessment

Narrow down your interests into target roles and industries with an interests-based assessment (80+ Questions).

$ 29

Our vision is to ensure effective career support is accessible and affordable for every professional at every step of their journey

Lets plan your career path, not just your next job.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need career coaching?

If you have been feeling or thinking that you are uncertain of your direction, unfulfilled, or at all not at ease about your professional journey, a coach can be a very powerful tool and support system. Coaching helps serve as a sounding board so that you can unlock clarity, feel unblocked from making progress, and feel an overall sense of confidence in your choices and progress. 

How long does the career exploration process take?

As our process is self-driven, you determine your own pace! On average, if you put in 2-3 hours per week, you could reach the point of confidence and clarity in your career path in about 3 months. If you want to speed up the process, you absolutely can choose to go through it as fast as you want. The process is ready for you to work through at any speed you set for yourself.

What is your process based on?

We leverage various fundamentals from ICF coaching standards, as well as the most current job search best practices, but we also incorporate various unique, novel, proven processes that have arisen from our 8 years of coaching professionals with career exploration and job searching.

How does the process work exactly?

We believe adults learn best in a linear fashion, so we release one step of the process to you at a time. Our  step-by-step approach ensures the process is clear, easy and manageable. Your coach will review your work between each step and send feedback or unlock the next step within 24 hours.

What are the core steps I’ll be doing in the process?

1. Onboarding -The first step is committing to the process.
2. Assessment - You’ll take an interests-based reflective assessment to uncover what you love doing.
3. Target Roles/Industries - You’ll translate your interests into potential roles and industries
4. Learning - This includes a series of steps including Research, Networking, Experiential Learning and Reflection so that you can compare, contrast, prioritize and narrow in on the best path for you.
5. Job Search Strategy, Process and Branding - We'll help you to draft strong materials including a professional summary, resume, LinkedIn, cover letter and discuss your overarching job search strategy
6. Interview Prep - Once you land interviews, we will hold mock interviews so you can strengthen your interview success
7. Reflections - A weekly reflection will underpin the entire process, ensuring you stay on track and true to yourself.

What would be the first few steps once I sign up?

If you are pursuing the exploration plan, you will get started on our platform by following a few onboarding steps and then jump right into our unique interests-based assessment. If you are pursuing job search or any other customized goals, you would begin by setting up your first coaching call and you and your coach will decide the best first steps together. 

Will I need to do anything outside of the platform?

The platform and our coaching is completely comprehensive, including the full career exploration process and job search process. There’s no need for guesswork or jumping ahead in the process. You can lean on us completely to know exactly what to do, when to do it, why to do it, how to do it, and where to do it. In fact, our process is linear, the order of our steps is purposeful.

How should I think about picking the right career coach?

Reflect on what key elements are important to you and be sure to ask thorough questions to assess fit. Consider the coach's tools, format, style, values/approach, testimonials and prior success, and more.

Can I job search while I’m going through career exploration?

We suggest you avoid job searching until you know exactly which career path you want to pursue and how to get there. We’ll uncover those answers through career exploration and then apply them to your job search. If you spend any time applying before you have clarity, you risk landing in a role that isn’t right for you (i.e. the type of job hopping we are trying to avoid.) Rushing to apply to jobs before you've done your homework could cost you opportunities that you might be well-suited for and enjoy most. We will help ensure you make intentional, thoughtful career decisions.

What industries do you have expertise in?

We have coached professionals in a broad range of roles and industries. Our process is applicable to any role and industry because we leverage best practices of ensuring you capture learnings, assess how you feel, and iterate accordingly, until you feel confident on your direction. Our process begins purposefully open-ended, as we believe that will help you find your right place in this world. 

How much does career coaching cost with WOKEN?

We aim to make our plans as accessible and affordable as humanly possible. While most coaches charge by expensive hourly rates (Average: ~$200/hour), we create a monthly package that includes software and coaching time to ensure that we can make effective career coaching scalable to every professional who wants or needs it.

What do the group coaching calls entail?

The group coaching call allows you an extra opportunity to get direct support from your coach, as well as relating to and gleaning tips from ~10 other professionals who are going through a similar journey to you. We will review any open questions you have as it relates to your mindset, your accountability, and your practical strategy, to ensure you feel fully unblocked to reach your goals. We intentionally re-introduced this as part of our offerings as clients thoroughly enjoy the group setting, as they leave the call feeling understood, motivated, and re-energized.

What is the outcome of the process? How closely will I narrow in on a career direction?

We will finish the exploration process once you land on ONE role and ONE industry that are your TOP choices, representing what would be the BEST fit for you. That doesn't mean other roles and industries wouldn't be a fit, but if you ever have options, it means there is still learning and/or reflection to be done until you clarify the BEST possible path and fit for you.

How often will I chat with my coach?

Each plan includes the platform (where your coach will see your progress in realtime), as well as texting and email access 24/7. The frequency of coaching calls is customized based on the plan you choose.

How should I choose the right coaching plan for me?

Given that the only variance in our plans is the frequency of coaching calls, we suggest you consider: your sense of self accountability, your goal timeline, and how much one-on-one time will feel supportive and productive to you. In our sessions we'll discuss 1) your mindset 2) your accountability plan 3) guidance to approach your next steps 4) synthesizing what you're learning throughout the exploration process, your reflections and next steps 5) any other questions or topics on your mind. You can always toggle your plan up or down depending on how things go!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we charge monthly so that we can stay as flexible as possible for you. There is no minimum number of months required.

Can I change plans anytime?

Yes, our plans are monthly, so before your next monthly cycle, we can change your plan (toggle up or down depending on your ideal level of support).

When will I get charged? 

When you sign up and purchase a plan, you'll be charged on the same date the following month (example: if you purchase a plan on April 19th, then you will be charged again on May 19th).

How do you compare to your competitors?

Let's put it this way, we have had numerous people come to us after reading What Color is Your Parachute or pursuing Stanford's Design Your Life Program or after spending months with an expensive career coach. We'll leave it at that.