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Learn what WOKEN's coaching covers and how we successfully guide professionals to achieve their career potential
Rachel Serwetz Founder of, CEO of WOKEN

Coaching with an Expert

You'll glean holistic support and guidance from a certified career coach.

  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Holistic Coaching
  • 24/7 Texting and Emailing
  • Mid-Week Support
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Personalized Career Platform

Access our novel, digital workspace to guide you to effectively, efficiently achieve critical activities to progress you forward.

  • Transparent Workspace
  • Facilitated Progress
  • Unified Organization
  • One-step-at-a-time approach
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Supportive Peer Community

Lean on and relate to your peers to glean new ideas, motivation, and accountability.

  • Group Coaching
  • Group Coworking
  • Slack Community

What career goals do you provide support with?

Mindset & Accountability

No matter what you're working on, we ensure that you feel confident, that you unblock limiting beliefs, and that your accountability system is keeping you on track to stay productive towards your goals.

Career Path Exploration

Career Path Exploration

Our one-of-a-kind, proven, design-thinking based career path exploration process will guide you step-by-step to learn and reflect until you confidently narrow in on your best fit role, industry, and environment.

  • 80+ question career assessment
  • Narrow in on roles and industries
  • Learn how to research roles and industries
  • Understand types of networking connections
  • Craft strong networking outreach emails
  • Learn how to run effective informational calls
  • Reflect, synthesize, pivot until confident


In order to grow and reach your potential, it is important to participate in ongoing learning, but we want to ensure that you choose reputable, worthwhile learning opportunities that will move you in your desired direction.

  • Explore options to get involved and attain skills
  • Compare and contrast upskilling options
  • Network to understand worthwhile programs
  • Coaching to decide on upskilling
Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Clearly represent your background, strengths, and direction in a way that stands out and clearly aligns with your ideal career path.

  • Professional summary framework and generator
  • Resume guidance, templates, and editing
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Cover letter generator
  • Video pitch guidance
  • Review personal website or portfolio
  • Build your brand and share thought leadership
Career Advancement

Job Searching

As your career copilot, we will ensure you utilize best practices, pivot when necessary, and thrive in what is often a challenging solo journey.

  • Clarify your best fit direction
  • Set daily and weekly goals
  • Learn how to divide your time wisely
  • Set a job search strategy
  • Utilize two job search approaches
  • Strategic networking outreach
  • Break into target companies
  • Run mock interviews to strengthen presentation of your abilities
  • Measure performance and pivot

Career Advancement

Even if you are not in an active transition, we will support you in promoting yourself, overcoming hurdles, designing your career path, and reaching your potential.

  • Key activities for career growth
  • Onboard to a new role successfully
  • Explore internal mobility
  • Pursue skill development outside of your workplace
  • Reflect on work situations and improve
  • Prepare for important upcoming projects
  • Design career path and grow towards your goals

Coaching with an Expert

  • One-on-One Meetings: On a video call, we'll review your progress, insights, hesitations, and set goals to guide your next steps.
  • Holistic Coaching: We'll work on improving your mindset, accountability, and practical approach.
  • 24/7 Texting and Emailing: You can reach out whenever you have questions or updatess, and we'll check in to guide you throughout the week.
  • Mid-Week Support: Your coach will review your progress, provide feedback, and release your next steps throughout the week.
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Personalized Career Platform

  • Transparent Workspace: Your coach will be able to view all of your progress.
  • Facilitated Progress: The platform's purposeful design ensures that you know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it.
  • Unified Organization: Track all your career efforts in one place. Easily view your target roles and industries in your dashboard.
  • One-step-at-a-time approach: Your coach will purposefully release whichever tools you are ready for next.

Learn the power of visualization to facilitate your career progress

Watch this 2-min video to get to know how our coaching and platform works

Supportive Peer Community

Supportive Peer Community

  • Group Coaching: Once per month, we host a group coaching with up to 10 peers in a session, so you can relate to others and get a spark of motivation.
  • Group Coworking: Every two weeks, we gather as a community to cowork, driving accountability and progress on each of our career goals.
  • Slack Community: Utilize our specific channels or direct messages with your coach or peers to enhance your knowledge and progress.
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What is career path exploration?

Career path exploration is a process that is distinct from and a precursor to the job search, including a series of steps of practical learning and self-reflection in order to compare, contrast, and clarify which career path or next step you are confident in pursuing.  We will reverse engineer the questions you would get in an interview, so that you can answer them for yourself, in order to optimize your job search.

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How does career path exploration affect my job search?

By first ensuring you feel confident about which role, industry, and environment is the best fit for your next career step, you will avoid job hopping, and ensure that your job search is efficient, that your interviews are effective, that you know which offers to say no to, and that you have the highest likelihood of job fulfillment.

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How does WOKEN's coaching work?

You and your coach will decide on a custom roadmap and one-step-at-a-time gameplan that aligns with your goals. Once you complete and submit any career activity, your coach will review it and either provide you feedback on how to improve, or release the next step for you to progress forward. Each coaching call will allow you to discuss your progress, questions, takeaways, and next steps, or reach out in between calls for support.

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Why is your career assessment so unique?

Our three-part framework keeps you in the drivers seat to actively reflect on 1) your affinities and tendencies 2) what you find important and interesting 3) what environment you thrive in. It is open-ended, reflective, and sparks a process of reflection that continues for 2-3 months after the assessment itself. The things we hear most about the assessment are: "harder than I thought," "hard in the best way," "it really made me think," "eye opening," and "different."

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Is there an order to the platform? Can you do one step without the others?

It is all customizable. Our coach works with you to figure out and provide you with exactly what steps and tools you need most right now given your goals and timeline.

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How long does the process last?

It is all self paced, so you can work on your goals for any amount of time per day, per week, or per month. We will guide you through the next steps at whatever pace you feel is reasonable and productive for you. On average, career path exploration takes about 2-3 months, if you put in about 2-3 hours per week.

Most Asked Questions

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“I started using WOKEN at a time in my professional life when I was very direction-less. I was confused and unsure. I had been in a role that was not a good fit for me and what I wanted to do, but I felt stuck and out-of-control as to how and when to make a change. The biggest difference after using the WOKEN platform is a mindset change. My coach’s confidence rubbed off on me, really just because I feel prepared now. I feel informed. I feel like I am in control now and that naturally lowers anyone's anxiety."

Scott P. - CLIENT