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Find the inspiration you need to explore a new path

WOKEN events are designed to empower career explorers and job seekers with tangible tools, insights, and resources for finding careers they will love.

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Our events are focused on teaching professionals practical ways to identify their optimal career path

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Professionals who are feeling stuck in their career and need practical tips for career navigation

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Organizations who are empowering clients, students, employees or professionals with career guidance

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What do we cover?

Career Path Exploration

• Learn about our unique processes
• Take our unique, interactive interests assessment
• Avoid common pitfalls and undo mindset limitations
• Decide on graduate school

Job Search Success

• Strategic job search guidance
• Effective networking process
• Impact of career clarity on job search efficiency and effectiveness
• Nailing the interview
• Resume and cover letter workshops
• Assessing offers and fit
• Negotiating confidently & successfully

Career Advancement

• Long and short term career pathing
• Leveraging internal mobility to grow
• Research and network your way to the top
• Learning patterns of those who succeed


• What business should I start?
• Getting your idea off the ground
• Startup pitching
• Early stage prototyping
• Customer discovery
• Positioning and differentiation

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What Did Event Attendees Say?

The best part was when you made the abstract into the concrete - breaking down a job into it's unique dimensions and figuring out what my interests are that fall into each.

- Elon

Rachel was a pleasure to work with on an interactive training on presentation skills. She was extremely conscious of tailoring the training to her audience and we were lucky enough to reap the benefits of her expertise. Her energy during the entire session was great and she made sure to interact with as many individuals as possible to help them with their presentation skills.

- Elisabeth

I was at a point where I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do as the next step in my career, plus I was getting exhausted from the job searching, so I was about to just take the next job opportunity. I attended WOKEN’s talk and it clarified for me what I actually truly wanted in my next role and to stay firmly committed to obtaining it. It took time, but I held out and landed a role I'm so excited about, and am so grateful that I did!

- Aliza