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Our Mission

Waking up the world to remember that you can and should find a job you love

WOKEN enables job fit early on, reduces job-hopping and improves work engagement, productivity, wellbeing, and wealth potential so that individuals, their companies, economies, and societies thrive.

"He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how."
- Nietzsche

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We created WOKEN to help every professional be thoughtful at every career step.

Rachel Serwetz Founder of, CEO of WOKEN
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WOKEN was founded out of sheer empathy, taking on a lofty goal.

Rachel Serwetz

Founder, CEO of WOKEN

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CEO and Founder Rachel Serwetz, an ICF-certified coach, has experienced firsthand the lack of effective support for career path exploration and job search at several points of her professional journey. On her own, she learned everything about how to land a great job, leading her to secure a role at Goldman Sachs. Over the next few years, she was referred to hundreds of young adults who needed career support, saw patterns in the issues they faced, and came up with a unique process.

After spending a lifetime watching loved ones work jobs well below their potential, and after six years of searching for clarity, Rachel crystalized that her passion was helping others find theirs. Rachel knows what it feels like to love your job and also to hate your job, and worse, to feel in between. She believes that everyone deserves effective guidance to make thoughtful career choices at every step along their path.

Now, WOKEN scalably supports clients to find their ideal job direction in just a few months.

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Where did "WOKEN" originate?

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To us, WOKEN was a name that derived from our mission statement – waking up the world to take control over their careers. We believe that by pursuing a career path that feels innately right to you, you will be happier, more productive, creative, innovative, impactful, and responsible in serving our world.

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What is our coaching philosophy?

We keep your best interest in mind always -- we have no ties to any one employer, to ensure you find the best role and company fit for you, wherever that may be.
We are holistic -- your mindset will is the foundation to any progress, so with any hesitation, we will focus on how to unblock any and all hesitations.
We are direct, practical, and action-based -- your next steps should always be clear and informed, based on your goals.
We want to turn these processes from daunting into manageable, and even fun. Enjoying your job search serves as a mirror into enjoying the job.
We know that the 15% of global employees who are engaged at work are feeling relieved, excited, optimistic, and confident -- and you can too.
Our #1 priority is ensuring you use your time wisely. Time is your most precious resource, so let's learn and pivot often.
We aim to be as accessible and affordable as humanly possible - jam packing in value for reasonable prices.

What are we seeing in the market?

80% of graduates want to derive a sense of purpose from work, but less than half succeed.

- Gallup/Bates

On average, Americans hold an average of 7-8 jobs by age 30.


70% of all jobs aren't shared publicly, and 80% of jobs are filled through networking.


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“Thank you so much for all your help getting me a new job. Your guidance and accountability were essential factors to my job hunt success. I cannot thank you enough."

Melissa G. - CLIENT

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