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WOKEN is the first candidate-focused career exploration and job search platform

With personalized career coaching and a unique digital platform, you will be guided to uncover your optimal career path.

We believe that you can and should have a job you love, and that you deserve to feel informed making every career step.

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WOKEN empowers you to be intentional with every career decision

Human career coaching plus a platform for career path exploration and job search, WOKEN provides step-by-step career guidance as you unlock clarity and build confidence in your ideal career path.

woken human expert coaches

Coaching with an Expert

You'll glean holistic support and guidance from a certified career coach.

woken personalized career platform

Personalized Career Platform

Access our novel, digital workspace to guide you to effectively, efficiently achieve critical activities to progress you forward.

woken group coaching

Supportive Peer Community

Lean on and relate to your peers to glean new ideas, motivation, and accountability.


Are you ready to rethink your career?

Who said job searching has to suck? Our motto is "if your career search isn't fun, your job wont be either."

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We're not just another career tool

We won’t tell you your ideal career path. We will teach you how to figure it out on your own.

Our process keeps you in the driver's seat

We enable a self-driven discovery process. We focus on your interests, so the outcomes actually resonate with you.

Our process keeps you in the driver's seat

Reimagine your career with design thinking

The process will be fluid and iterative until you feel clear, confident and excited about your next steps.

Reimagine your career with design thinking

Share a digital workspace with your career coach

Your career coach will have full visibility to review your progress and provide personal feedback on a regular basis.

Share a digital workspace with your career coach

Make progress at your own pace and timeline

Move through the steps one at a time to reach your goals as fast or as slow as you want to.

Make progress at your own pace and timeline

You can trust us to keep your best interest in mind

Our only goal is to help you explore your options. There are no employers on our site. We remove limitations, so you can find the best path.

You can trust us to keep your best interest in mind

We balance tech with supportive coaching

Our digital platform guides the process, but you'll also get a live coach for personalized, holistic support.

We balance tech with supportive coaching

What do clients say after using WOKEN?

"I got clarity on my career path in under 2 months of working with Woken. I was able to hone in on what aspect of my current role I enjoy the most, how I envision my career, and as a result of this short but intense exploration process, I asked for a change from my current employer and transitioned to a different department. Pretty exciting!"

Lyola R.

"During the past few months, I’ve been working with my career coach to help determine what my next career steps are. I entered the process feeling stuck, defeated and open to suggestions for finding what my path and purpose is. Through the assessment, the one-on-one coaching, the group coaching sessions (realizing I’m not alone and hearing others’ strategies), and self-reflection and journaling, I now feel SO FREE, excited, & relieved in pursuing my PhD in Psychology. During the process, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for my career coach and her team at WOKEN for her grace and expertise in helping me get there. I now feel like I’m doing what I was put in this universe to do, and I have never felt so much joy or freedom in my vocational pursuits." #gratitude #coaching #freedom #reflection #dothework #getunstuck

Leah B.

“Before using WOKEN, my level of career stress was relatively high. It was like a seven. Now, it is lower like 4, and part of that is because I am using WOKEN. Before I used WOKEN, I was like 4 re: career clarity. Now, I’m probably at an a 8. I feel a lot more confident. By talking to my career coach, she pushed my boundaries, so now, it is even stronger than it was back then. RE: the platform: I like the way it constructs. The way it splits into separate tabs like priorities tab and networking tab. I found that is helpful. I also like the reflection on networking calls. A lot of people just work on something but never reflect. It helps me to actively write down what to say, what you didn’t like about the call. It is actually pretty powerful.”

Eric B.

"I had genuinely no idea what I was meant to do with my life, I kept jumping from major to major in college before dropping out completely and flailing even more trying to find a career. I know that I want to go back to college, and I know what I want to study! I’m much more certain in the direction I’m going in! It gave me a set of steps to take that really made me look within myself, to take the pieces of my personality and combine them to match it with the right career. This process is best for anyone who may be even slightly unsure about their path, or even someone who wants a new career path! This process is for absolutely anyone who wants to improve their professional life! I am eternally grateful to you and to this process for giving me what I never thought I would achieve, and this isn’t even the end of it! I know that once we continue beyond the career exploration phase, I’ll find the perfect role for me and I can’t wait!"

Zach K.

"I've made changes at my current job, and am working to make a move to a new industry when the time is right. I feel reinvigorated, and I really don't think I could have gotten to where I am now without the support and guidance that I got from working with my career coach. While I will say, the work has to come from the individual. No one will do any of these things for you. Working with my career coach gave me the confidence to reach out and talk to strangers. It facilitated my journey of finding what I need to be doing with my career, and I couldn't be more grateful."


"I was hoping for guidance on how to make the correct decision about my next career move. I was unhappy in my current position feeling unchallenged and unmotivated; I knew a change needed to be initiated. Prior to the discussion, I was not sure what direction I wanted to take. Through conversation, we were able to clarify my career goals and aspirations. One thing I learned through this process was: if you want a certain industry, why remain complacent? Go for it now. So, that is just what I did. With the motivation from our conversation, I applied to two opportunities that fell in the realm of what space I wanted to be in. As the following two weeks went by, I had multiple interviews for both positions. Two weeks later, I had offers from both positions. I was ecstatic. Per the guidance I received, I was able to leverage those offers against each other to maximize my salary, position and benefits. I am grateful I took the chance to do this because it allowed me to express my desires for career growth that I hadn't even fully shared with myself. Now I can say I am very excited to be moving into a new role which puts me on my path to success."

Elizabeth H.

"I was working in a stereotypical dead-end job, with not only no career path, but no idea what my ideal job or career should be. I'm now about to start a new job and career that I feel confident about, both short and long-term. The greatest benefit, to me, was one-on-one meetings with my coach. The assessment stage was also greatly beneficial to my process in that it allowed me to better realize what I should be looking for in a career, both in terms of industries and type of role. The folks who would benefit from WOKEN includes anyone who is looking for direction in their professional life, or even simply looking to pivot. The advice, insight, and self-discovery is invaluable to anyone in any stage of their career. "

Jesse K.

After WOKEN, clients have found success at some of these companies

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