You are not alone.

87% of employees globally are disengaged at work.

WOKEN is here to change that.

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WOKEN empowers you to be intentional at every career step.

Human coaching plus a platform for career exploration and job search, WOKEN guides you step-by-step as you unlock clarity and build confidence in your ideal career path.

Are you ready to rethink your career?

Secure tangible answers to your questions

Questioning whether its even possible to like your job?

Not sure there's a career out there you would actually enjoy?

Have you tried exploring and researching on your own, only to find you don't get to any resolutions or clarity?

Plan and pave your path forward

Feeling the Sunday scaries regularly?

Know you need out of your current role, company, or industry, but need a push to start the process?

Job hopping to find the next best thing without stepping back to think big picture?

Treat us like therapy for career stress

Spent weeks, months, or even years considering a career change, but haven't pulled the plug?

Feeling pressure to choose a certain path from your loved ones?

Considering an expensive graduate degree to clarify your path? Or already finished one, but still feeling unsure?

Explore Your Options

Reflect on your Ideal Career

By reflecting on your interests, you can start to translate what
you love doing into potential roles and industries.

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With simple, clear processes for career exploration and job search,

WOKEN platform teaches you...

Which steps to take

How to approach each step

When to focus on each step

Where to organize your work

Why each step is important

We’re Your Career GPS

We'll guide you through every step, making sure you clarify your direction first, so your job search is more efficient and effective.

Schedule a call

We're not just another career tool.

We won’t tell you your ideal career path. We will teach you how to figure it out on your own.

Our process keeps you in the driver's seat

We enable a self-driven discovery process. We focus on your interests, so the outcomes actually resonate with you.

Reimagine your career with design thinking

The process will be fluid and iterative until you feel clear, confident and excited about your next steps.

Share a digital workspace with your coach

Your coach will have full visibility to review your progress and provide personal feedback on a regular basis.

Make progress at your own pace and timeline

Move through the steps one at a time to reach your goals as fast or as slow as you want to.

You can trust us to keep your best interest in mind

Our only goal is to help you explore your options. There are no employers on our site. We remove limitations, so you can find the best path.

We balance tech with supportive coaching

Our digital platform guides the process, but you'll also get a live coach for personalized, holistic support.

What Do Clients Say After Using WOKEN?

90% report increased clarity

80% report reduced stress and anxiety

You don't go to the grocery store and start shopping before you know what you're making for dinner. Before WOKEN, I dove right into the recruiting process without stepping back, breathing, and reflecting on what I really want to do. The rest of my career search has a newfound purpose and focus.

- Jeff

The WOKEN process provides a concrete framework for zeroing in on attractive and attainable career options that really are tailored to YOUR interests and passions and an amazing team who will keep you grounded, motivated, and provide direction as needed throughout the process.

- Eric
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