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Quiz: Should I Go to Graduate School?

Graduate school is a big decision that can open doors professionally, but it's not always the best decision for everyone. You may be asking yourself, "Should you go to graduate school?" Take our quick, 9 question quiz and see for yourself!

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Should I Go to Graduate School or Explore My Career Path?

Graduate school may or may not be necessary for you to reach your career goals, so before you start graduate school, it's important to have clarity around your career path, and specifically, having confidence in which path is the best fit for you. If you haven't done enough career exploration or feel certain as to why you'd like to graduate school, you should take time to gain that career clarity first. 

Career exploration is a process that is separate and preliminary to the job search. It includes a series of steps of practical learning about potential career paths of interest as well as self-reflection. The goals and outcome of the process are to learn, compare, contrast, and narrow in on your options until you reach a point of clarity and confidence about which career path is best for you. Because graduate school is such a major time and cost investment, understanding your career goal before applying is our strong recommendation to any professional.

Identifying Your Ideal Career Path

Identifying your ideal career path is a deeply personal journey that requires self-reflection and exploration. It begins with a genuine understanding of your strengths, affinities, interests, and values. Consider what activities make you feel the most fulfilled and what subjects or tasks naturally pique your interest. Conduct thorough research on various job roles and industries by reviewing online information and talking with professionals in your fields of interest. 

Most of all, seek support and guidance from mentors, peers, and career coaches so that you’re not alone in the process. At WOKEN, our team of career coaches can help you on your path to identify your ideal career!