Staying accountable to your goals

Holding yourself accountable isn’t easy to do alone.
At WOKEN, we take the time to understand your goals and needs to get you where you deserve to be

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Accountability + Your Career
What does accountability mean as it relates to your career?

First, this means showing up to your job to meet and exceed expectations. This means considering how to effectively define your own sense of accountability, and ensure it matches with your bosses’ and coworkers’ expectations. Secondly, consider the accountability to stay on track with your personal career development goals, whether that means pursuing upskilling, improving your personal branding, or staying on track with a job search.
At WOKEN, we think about accountability from every angle. Most importantly, we uncover what systems, tools, and support helps you stay accountable - to your work, your goals, and yourself. Our career platform provides a variety of tools to support you in finding what works best- whether that’s an accountability buddy, frequent 1:1 coaching to uncover blocks in your mindset or limiting beliefs around your career, or self-paced learning to figure out the right path forward for you.
The platform kept me very accountable to my mission and helped me flush out exactly what I was looking for in my next professional adventure which in turn, made me highly effective in communicating what I was looking for in job interviews leading to more successful outcomes aka my new job :) - Isabella

How do I balance investing in my current role while continuing to develop my future goals? How do I hold myself accountable to growing my skills and furthering my career?

How can I balance self-care and accountability?

How can I get support for feeling anxious and overwhelmed, while still achieving my goals? 

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How Accountability Makes a Difference for Woken Customers:

I felt stuck and helpless, knowing that I wanted to leave my current role and work environment but not knowing the concrete steps to get that process started. Now, I feel confident that I can make changes in my career as I see fit. The main benefits of the platform for me was accountability, concrete steps from my coach, and breaking down the goals into smaller steps by only unlocking steps in the platform after the previous one had been created. People that would benefit from WOKEN include college students and recent grads; people deciding whether to go to school or join the workforce; career changers; anyone who is in their career but is unsure why!
- Colleen V

Before I started using WOKEN, I was in the middle of a few significant life changes at once. I'd just had a baby and had left my job to spend more time with my family, ultimately knowing I was looking for a new career when I decided to re-enter the workforce. That's when I was recommended to WOKEN. Now, I am in a position of enormous clarity over what I want my path to be. I have landed interviews with the tools and feedback WOKEN provided me. One can never underestimate the power of writing things down. Using the platform keeps you accountable as you work through putting your thoughts into an actionable process that you also always have to refer back to. This platform is for anyone looking to be held accountable for the process. It's for someone ready to find out what they want. - Victoria V

I was stuck in a toxic job that I knew I needed to exit but did not feel confident in where to go next. Now, I’m In a great new job that is the perfect role, environment, and industry for what I need at this point in my professional and personal life. I landed a new job with confidence! I really enjoyed the accountability and accessibility of resources at WOKEN. Anyone who needs accountability and clarity in their next career move should use WOKEN!
- Maria C