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Why Being Engaged at Work Makes You Successful and Wealthier

Rachel Serwetz
Rachel Serwetz
October 25, 2021
Learn Why Being Engaged at Your Job Makes you More Successful….and Wealthier

People often debate whether they should pursue a path because it is secure and has great salary potential, or if they should pursue their “passion.” I’m here to tell you that you have to consider both for several reasons.

1. Only thinking about the money when choosing paths is usually unsustainable

If you ignore what you’re natural at or great at or enjoy, you may end up in a pathway that you either can’t tolerate and want to quit (I’ve seen it too many times) and/or perhaps get laid off if you’re not thriving and performing. Gallup shares that, “Among actively disengaged workers in 2021, 74% are either actively looking for new employment or watching for openings,” proving that being in a role that is not a fit for you will lead you to search elsewhere.

2. The most secure path is the one you’re interested in

If you’re the rare person on the team who’s genuinely aligned and interested in the work, you’ll be more invested, have more innovative ideas, you’ll stand out and rise and be recognized as a leader faster than your peers. Can you think of someone on your team who may embody this person? If you’re not that person, you’re on the wrong team (or in the wrong role / industry). In fact, Oxford proved that happy workers are more productive. Gallup shows that only 30% of engaged employees are searching for work. Hence, If you want to find a job you’ll want to stay in and one you’ll thrive in, consider what work (both style of work, purpose of work, and environment of the workplace) will “engage” you.

3. “The more people love their jobs, the quicker they get rich,

shows studies by Thomas Corley. Specifically he says, “When you spend more time doing what you love to do for a living, you’ll get better at doing it, [make more money, and] accumulate more wealth in a shorter period of time.” He says, “If you want to become richer quicker, find a job that you love and never quit”

4. There are engaged employees and disengaged employees: you decide your direction.

Gallup’s definition of being engaged at work is “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace” whereas disengaged employees are “are psychologically unattached to their work and company….they’re putting time — but not energy or passion — into their work.” Which camp do you want to fall into? (Globally, only 20% of employees are engaged at work, Gallup). How did the engaged employees find a fitting role, and how can you? Being disengaged at work may be the majority but it doesn’t have to be your circumstance.

We all know disengaged employees are a cost, risk and burden to the workplace, but what is the cost of being disengaged at work to you, personally? What does it cost you regarding your mental health, your relationships, your level of focus, creativity, joy, and fulfillment? What is it costing you in terms of your future salary potential? Could you rise the ranks faster, and be happy at work, all at once?

Why Being Engaged at Work Makes You Successful and Wealthier

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Rachel Serwetz’ early professional experience was at Goldman Sachs in Operations and at Bridgewater Associates in HR. From there, she was trained as a coach at NYU and became a certified coach through the International Coach Federation. After this, she worked in HR Research at Aon Hewitt and attained her Technology MBA at NYU Stern. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of professionals with career exploration and for the past 4.5+ years she has been building her company, WOKEN, which is an online career exploration platform to coach professionals through the process of clarifying their ideal job and career path. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Binghamton University and has served as a Career Coach through the Flatiron School, Columbia University, WeWork, and Project Activate.

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